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    29th January 2024

2023 Our Centenary Year
Welcome to the
 Midland Sealyham Terrier Club Website.

The MSTC was founded in 1923 and is dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the breed. During your visit to the site we will show you the origin of the breed and the work which was put into the breed by its founding creator Captain John Edwards. 

Since the MSTC was founded we have worked hard with other Sealyham Terrier Clubs to promote the breed at various Club Shows & Championship Shows and especially on the biggest stage ‘CRUFTS’. We have been a stable showing at ‘CRUFTS’ for a number of years with our ‘Discover Dogs Stand’ which has played a huge part in the promotion of such a wonderful breed. 

Throughout this website we will show you the tremendous effort put in by our breeders and member to support and sustain the breed through a variety of different means such as the original origin of the breed, breed characteristics, grooming requirements, responsible breeding, rescue and rehoming and the local and national shows which are attended and supported by members.

 Should you have any questions or would like some more information on this wonderful breed please contact us via the feedback form which can be found in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website and we will be happy to help. 


Thank you for your visit and we hope to hear from you soon. 

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